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​To know more about Pearls & Petals for your child's Montessori education, do plan a visit to the school by calling the office on 080-41234345/9448388345 during our working hours i.e. between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and take an appointment. Thereafter you may collect the prospectus of the school.


We advise parents to visit the school and personally talk to us as we would like you to understand and familiarize yourselves not only with the Montessori philosophy but the way we work at Pearls & Petals. Visiting the school during working hours will give you parents an opportunity to visualize and observe our children at work, and the materials in their respective environments.


Our advice to Parents registering for Montessori - Please understand that your child needs to be with us until they are ready to go to the mainstream schools for Grade 1. It is not advisable to shift the child to a traditional school in between the levels. This leads to a confused child with regard to Montessori method of learning and hinder the strong foundation provided by the Montessori methodology.
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